Calm Wall Lamp Ø50cm Touch Dim


Brand : Muuto

Designer : Iskos Berlin


Calm Wall Lamp offers a new perspective on lighting altogether, with a rare blend of atmospheric lighting and sculptural qualities. While it is inherently functional, it is also a work of art in its own right. Its textile surface gently diffuses the light, forming a gradient from its edge to the central light source. The ability to adjust the lighting temperature allows the user to create calm, atmospheric light according to their own preferences and needs. A matte rubber band frames Calm Wall Lamp, lending a crisp edge to the softness of the organic design.

Additional Information
Ø50 touch dim comes with a touch button and cable with a plug (no dimmer on the cable. All other sizes/variants come as hard-wired (Wall dim).

This lamp comes with a touch dim button and a cable with plug.

Extruded aluminum profile, steel mounting plates. Injection moulded ABS cover, soft diffusing textile shades (front and back). Integrated LED, that is temperature dimmable (dim to warmer lighting). Coloured silicone band. Ø50 touch dim comes with a touch button and cable with a plug (no dimmer on the cable.

All other sizes/variants come as hard-wired (Wall dim). Cord with inline dimmer and plug can be purchased separately and works for hard-wired versions.

Lumen Maintenance: 60.000h. Kelvin: 2200-3000K. CRI >90.

Option of Extra Silicone Band in another colour €49.00

Clean gently with a dry cloth. Fabric shade: Wash cold 30 degrees C or 85 degrees F. Do not bleach. Machine wash gentle or delicate. Flat dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.

Always switch off electricity before cleaning. Warranty 3 years.

Iskos-Berlin  is a Copenhagen-based design duo that has made International headlines within furniture, industrial and graphic design. The studio, formerly known as Komplot Design has collaborated with some of the World's most prestigious manufacturers and their furniture, lighting and other design products are exhibited at numerous design museums around the World including MoMA and the Danish Design Museum. Iskos-Berlin on their design philosophy - We see design as an art of storytelling. This story is normally quite complex, consisting of semantics, morphology, materiality, technology of objects and many other elements. But the clearer your story is, the more likely people are to understand it. The more surprising you make your story, the more likely they are to remember it. And finally the more you make people smile, the more likely they are to love it!


Rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition Muuto represents the New Nordic Design movement with an honest expression, enduring aesthetics and respect for craftmanship and functionality. These characteristics have been embedded into the entire Muuto collection comprised of furniture, lighting and accessories. Including individual products such as Muuto chairs, sofas and tables. By expanding this heritage with forward looking materials, techniques and bold creative thinking, their ambition is to deliver a new perspective on Scandinavian design. The name Muuto comes from the Finnish word muutos, meaning new perspective. They handpick leading contemporary designers who are strong interpreters of their philosophy and then combine their talent and skills with the passionate Muuto creative team.