ZET Storage System H114cm


Designer : Kaschkasch Koln


Put your objects in the spotlight with Zet, a modular shelving system that delivers on freedom and function. Easily assembled or disassembled and relocated whenever you want, its delicate balance of order, convenience and style is shaped from materials selected for beauty and endurance. Based on just two components – wooden U-shaped shelves and a metal frame construction defined by diagonal Z-struts –

Zet comes in six colours and with optional display shelves and back panels.

Size: H:114 x W: 153,  D: 40 cm. Three Shelves

Materials : Base – Black Powder-coated Steel and Shelves , Oak Veneer MDF board (Oak-Black oak-dark Stained Oak

Additional Extras Available :
Magazine Shelf in Black or Ivory : W: 151cm; H: 37cm; D: 1.6cm €135.00
Back Panel in Taupe, Off White or Brick Red : W: 152cm; H: 31cm; D: 3.3cm €210.00


The German design studio KaschKasch was founded by Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider in 2011. With a main focus on precise lines, geometric shapes and well thought out details, KaschKasch creates straightforward contemporary designs with a graphical expression. The young design team has already received critical acclaim for their work and has been nominated as “Best Newcomers” at the highly esteemed German Design Award. “We want to design relevant products and we always try to get the maximum out of the minimum by breaking every idea down to its essential elements. It’s all about the details. We love the entire design process, from idea to finished product. We work with hand sketching, 3D rendering and 1:1 modelling, which allows us to fine-tune the design until we achieve just the right combination of aesthetics and function.”

Audo Copenhagen

Audo Copenhagen is born of collaborative spirit. Developed from uniting MENU, The Audo and by Lassen, Audo Copenhagen reflects both a century of Danish design tradition and a modern, global outlook that is continually expanding and evolving. Our furniture, lighting and interior accessories are shaped by purposeful details, high-quality materials and human needs, going hand-in-hand with our pursuit to create strong, long-lasting connections and partnerships.

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