String Workstation Height Adjustable 120cm Black


Brand : String

Designer : Bjorn Dahlstrom


Price includes delivery and assembly in Dublin, and delivery anywhere in Ireland.

Electronically height adjustable table offers comfort and ergonomics to your workstation by enabling standing up while working. The table has a cable tray where all the wires can be neatly stored. String Works -items can be used both at workplace and at home.

Colours: Table top material: Oak- Black

Base material: Black Painted metal.

Size: W120 cm D:78 cm Height:71,5 – 118,5 cm.

Also in size 140, 160cm and 180cm and Conference table size.

Maximum load capacity: 60 kg evenly spread. Option of drawer €105.

A man of many talents, the Swede Björn Dahlström (born 1957) has a background in advertising and graphics but has designed as far apart products as a pneumatic drill for Atlas Copco, furniture for Cbi and Zoltan Milano, electrical appliances for Krupps, textiles for Marimekko, toys for Playsam and the now classic Tools kitchenware series for Hackman and iittala. Amongst his other designs are a futuristic tent and a stylish bicycle for Skeppshult. The use of contrasting colours, curved shapes, large scales and unusual materials always make the Dahlström designs humorous while both functional and pleasing to the eye. His work is represented both at the National Museum in Stockholm and at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


Certain things are so closely associated with a particular time that they become timeless. There is no better example of this than the string® shelving system designed by Nisse Strinning in 1949. It may seem strange that a thing so simple and unpretentious as this economical, light shelving with its minimal framing has become one of the twentieth century’s foremost design icons. But the reasons are many. It is simple and cheap to transport as a flat package. The shelves are easy to assemble. Each shelf can be quickly relocated. Shelves of different depths can be combined and the framing functions as book ends. It is robust and can be extended in any direction.

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