String Outdoors Wall -No 4


Brand : String

Designer : Josephine Formoso


Price as seen, and with 1 sets of S hooks.

Size: H85x 180, d30cm, you can add extra panels and you can do back to back.

You can add to units, and they also go back to back

The free standing shelf intended for outdoor use from String® System fits equally well on a smaller balcony as on a larger terrace. The shelf is completely free standing but, if desired, can be secured to the base it is standing on. A complete section of the free standing shelf consists of one back panel, two uprights and two galvanised floor panels with height 85 cm and depth 30 cm. To build additional sections, you need one upright along with one panel for each section. We recommend at least one back panel, preferably placed in the middle, for a free standing shelf consisting of three sections. Add hooks to increase the storage possibilities.

One section has the dimensions: width 61 cm and height 87cm.

Furnishing your garden, balcony, outdoor spaces with smart storage solutions are equally satisfying for the eye as for the orderly mind.

The galvanised steel is not only a robust material that do not rust, but a material that becomes more beautiful with time. Turn the Outdoor assortment into a home for everything you cultivate. Have all your pots with herbs, tomatoes, and such in your shelf

Decorate your shelf with beautiful garden tools such as gloves, scissors, bbq accessories, if you add hooks.

Add wood and soft materials to your galvanised combination.


Landscaping engineer and garden designer with education from Hvilan in Åkarp and SLU Alnarp. Her work has related to the garden for the fifteen years. Spends her spare time at home in her black house with a 660 sqm garden (without a lawn) from 1967. Instead of a lawn, Josephine has a forest of bamboo, magnolia, Chinese sequoia, and narrow-leaved ash.


Certain things are so closely associated with a particular time that they become timeless. There is no better example of this than the string® shelving system designed by Nisse Strinning in 1949. It may seem strange that a thing so simple and unpretentious as this economical, light shelving with its minimal framing has become one of the twentieth century’s foremost design icons. But the reasons are many. It is simple and cheap to transport as a flat package. The shelves are easy to assemble. Each shelf can be quickly relocated. Shelves of different depths can be combined and the framing functions as book ends. It is robust and can be extended in any direction.

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