Stacked Storage System Top Plate L


Brand : Muuto

Designer : Julien DeSmedt


There are 2 sizes, If Relevant, add your desired number of Top Plates for a nice finish when e.g. building a Stacked Storage sideboard configuration.

Top Plates come in 4 different colours: Grey, White, Brown Green, Oak.

Notes For top plates: Do not build any Stacked Storage Systems taller than 130 cm / 51.18” when building a configuration with a Top Plate. Do not build with a Top Plate if the configuration is wall-mounted.

When building with a Top Plate, minimum 4 Clips must be placed in each corner to secure the Top Plate.

The Top Plate(s) must be placed evenly on the Modules, meaning that the Top Plate(s) must not be placed so that the Top Plate(s) are sticking out from the side of the Modules beneath.

Size: L130.8 x H1.85cm

Julien De Smedt (born 3 December 1975 in Brussels) is a Belgian-Danish architect based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2006 he founded the architectural practice Julien De Smedt Architects (JDS] based in Copenhagen with offices in Brussels and Oslo. JDS is a multidisciplinary office that works with architecture, urban planning and product design.


Rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition Muuto represents the New Nordic Design movement with an honest expression, enduring aesthetics and respect for craftmanship and functionality. These characteristics have been embedded into the entire Muuto collection comprised of furniture, lighting and accessories. Including individual products such as Muuto chairs, sofas and tables. By expanding this heritage with forward looking materials, techniques and bold creative thinking, their ambition is to deliver a new perspective on Scandinavian design. The name Muuto comes from the Finnish word muutos, meaning new perspective. They handpick leading contemporary designers who are strong interpreters of their philosophy and then combine their talent and skills with the passionate Muuto creative team.

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