Slow Table 70cm


Brand : SMD

Designer : Pierre Sindre

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Table: Diameter 700mm or 500mm Height 720mm

Material / Colours: White or grey anthrasite powder coated aluminum.  White pigmented Accoya and Oak.

My mission has always been to create environments and furniture that are a little more human. It may sound obvious but often it is other things that govern. I work a lot with the public environment where high demands are made both in terms of user-friendliness and sustainability. My design philosophy takes the leap from the materials, what can be achieved by challenging wood, metal, leather or textiles. It's a wonderful feeling to test boundaries where creativity becomes the key. Here, my focus on good material knowledge, my love and care for small details is what makes what I create last for many years. My furniture and furnishings are a combination of function, care and playfulness. ”


DESIGN IN SMALL DETAILS. We started our journey in a completely different way than most others in our industry. With the knowledge of materials and manufacturing. From this knowledge we have formed a clear and unmistakable design. With details and detail work that you will not find in many places. We are almost exceedingly careful when we manufacture our products. You read right; we make most of our products ourselves. Manufactures, not just assembles (where we cannot, we cooperate with local companies, close to us here in Småland). When it comes to expression, we are just as careful, we work with designers who share our view of existence; the care in the purple. The little details that make up the whole.