Roshults BBQ Wood Oven, Sideboard, Spatula Anthracite, Stainless Steel,Teak


Röshults innovative BBQ Wood Oven combines classic forms with sleek Scandinavian minimalism to provide you with the ultimate outdoor hosting accessory. Serve homemade pizza in style.

A- Oven Size:  H200 x d100 x w80 cm. Anthracite Stainless Steel-Teak .

B- Sideboard: Size: W50 x D100 x H100 cm. Marble Top and Teak bottom.

C- Spatula: Size: L1330 x w330, h6mm

Röshults are a Swedish brand with a great passion for the outdoors. Through a series of innovative products, they champion the idea that outdoor living should not necessitate the absence of sophistication. Their BBQ Wood Oven combines classic forms with sleek Scandinavian minimalism to provide you with the ultimate outdoor hosting accessory. With its elegant design and carefully thought out preparation area, it is a beautiful and fun addition to a luxury outdoor space. 

Option: Luxury Cover: €1395.00

Broberg & Ridderstråle likes to look at history and intertwine it with contemporary life to create something rooted in tradition, but not retro. Like Swedese's round table Divido - made entirely of wood, modern-looking and a subtle nod to Yngve Ekström's classic Lamino. Mats Broberg was born in 1974 in Stockholm and Johan Ridderstråle in Lund in 1979. They met at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design where they both studied interior design. Many joint projects, from their graduation piece to an offer to exhibit in Japan, naturally opened the way to their joint office. Broberg & Ridderstråle are based in Stockholm and work as much with architecture as with furniture and product design. The office is represented in the permanent collections of the National Museum in Stockholm and has been recognised by, amongst others, the British magazine Wallpaper and Swedish Elle Decoration.


With Röshults there is no need to trade the comforts of the indoors for the pleasures of the natural world. A stylish Swedish designer dedicated to promoting sophisticated living whether inside the home or in the garden, Röshults delivers outstanding outdoor furniture to help you create the moments and memories that last a lifetime. Harnessing the very latest in textile technology their plush outdoor sofas offer all the glamour and comfort of the indoors while remaining resistant to even the hardiest of weather conditions. Teak meets stainless steel and the previously unthinkable becomes possible. Explore their enchanting collection and start your own outdoor design story today.

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