Roadie Bench


Designer : Chris Martin

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Roadie is a lightweight and stackable sofa for outdoor environments. Constructed in aluminium and reinforced by functional stays, increased stability is provided. The aluminium has been heat treated to achieve maximum strength. The high back has a comfortable angle and the designed cushion for the bench provides extra comfort.

Size: L203.5 x 92.6, h102.6cm. 3 Colours: Brushed Aluminium-March yellow-Blue Green.

The inspiration for Roadie comes from welded steel crowd control barriers and aluminium lighting riggings, which are assembled by ”roadies” at concert events.

The Roadie sofa has a curved form that becomes a sophisticated contrast to the raw metal surface. Whilst being beautiful to furnish with, alone or in groups, it creates new patterns of movement in an outdoor (or indoor) environment.

When it’s time to gather friends around the barbecue on a sunny day, the lightweight Roadie can be easily lifted forward and combined for larger formations. Like Massproductions’ popular sofa Dandy, Roadie encourages conversation and interaction between its users.

The British designer Chris Martin moved to Stockholm to do freelance work for IKEA. However, Martin wanted to change his work to a more sustainable and quality-driven direction, so that there would be fewer filters between him and the final product. He met the Swedish designer Magnus Elebäck and together they founded the furniture company Massproductions in 2009.

For Massproductions, Martin designs products in a traditional Nordic way, without forgetting to add in elements from other cultures, as well. His design work is characterised by his ability to unite functionality with an innovative, even artistic appearance. In 2020, Martin was awarded with the prestigious Bruno Mathsson Prize.


In 2009 two designers, sharing a neo-modernist vision of functional, elegant design, decided to break free of PR-driven product strategies to create a furniture company focusing on the interplay between object and context. In order to realise their vision, they assumed control of the entire production chain – manufacturing, sales and marketing. This pioneering approach has paid off handsomely, not only in design clarity, but also in distinguished awards, renowned clients and representation in the permanent collection of the Swedish National Museum of Arts.