RAMA Easy Chair


Brand : Oxdenmarq

Designer : Dennis Marquart

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MATERIAL: Handmade by skilled craftsmen using American oak and 100 % vegetable tanned leather with a general thickness of 4 mm or more. 

Both leather and frame may exhibit markings consistent with hand craftsmanship.

The surface of the leather, which is made in one single piece, is left as natural as possible to leave the leather susceptible for Patina. A rustic leather with some Imperfections must therefore be accepted. With time, light and use, the leather will gain depth and lustre as it ages.

Due to the highly artisan process used and variation in the natural raw material, leather can vary significantly in colour between production batches. 

Woods Nature- soaped oak oil trated oak or black painted. Leathers: Cognac-Black-Mocca-Nature leathers.

Size: H70, W71, D78cm


When we set out back in 2003, our goal was to produce reasonably priced furniture from exclusive materials like vegetable tanned saddle leather. Making affordable furniture is a core value we still pursue in everything we do. Back in the Sixties, and unlike today, a lot of the now famous Danish Design products, furniture and other products, were affordable for the middle class. That is sadly no longer the case, but at OXDENMARQ we strive hard to make affordable furniture from exclusive materials.

- The leather gave us our name OX. Later on, we have added marble and other materials always building on my own background as a craftsman. Craftsmanship is key for us in everything we do. Before finishing his design studies at the Copenhagen Design University, Dennis Marquart did a Blacksmith education. This background is extremely useful when developing and designing products.