PH 5 Pendant Lamp


Designer : Poul Henningsen

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This is the most popular of all Poul Henningsen lamps. The 5 in its name refers to its 50 cm diameter. Designed in 1958, it is intended to hang low above tables and gives a glare free light. The PH 5 consists of three shades and a cone mounted on three legs. 

The PH 50 is a modern high gloss version of the PH 5, introduced on the 50th anniversary of the PH 5. The PH 50 is wet-painted in a high-lustre surface. In the PH 50 the legs are painted in aluminium colour. The PH 50 have a warm red antiglare disc to ensure a warm tone of light while all other inner-sides are white to make effective light.

5 colours available: Classic White/Purple, /White/Pale Rose, Dark Grey/Turquoise, Pale Rose/Green and Army/Dark Grey and White Modern/Rose

The Danish left-wing writer, architect and designer Poul Henningsen (1894-1967) saw electric light as a way of enlightening the people by improving the home and work environment. After comprehensive studies into glare-free multi shade lamps, the electric appliances manufacturer Louis Poulsen enabled him to create the first PH lamp in 1926. The PH lamp was an instant success, sold and used all over the world including the Bauhaus Dessau building. After the outbreak of WW2 sales fell and by October 1943 Henningsen left German occupied Denmark for Stockholm together with Arne Jacobsen. On his return to Denmark in 1945 Henningsen continued to develop the multi shade lamp system and created many of his most beautiful designs, many still in production, including the highly popular PH5 from 1958. Henningsen left over 100 sketches of lamp designs behind after his death, some which have later been put into production by Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen

Established in Denmark more than 140 years ago, Louis Poulsen is an international manufacturer of designer lamps with an impressive range embracing iconic classics and innovative, contemporary designs, for private and professional use. Closely together with world-famous designers and architects such as Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton the company has created icons as the PH Artichoke and PH5. Behind every Louis Poulsen design is the story of its creation and the refinement of the designer's idea and vision of light – all in harmony with Louis Poulsen's lighting philosophy based on the principles developed by Poul Henningsen in the 1920s. The philosophy is founded on the concepts of function, comfort and ambience.

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