Nordic Cycle: Bicycle Adventures in the North


Brand : Gestalten

Designer : Tobias Woggan

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Nordic Cycle: Bicycle Adventures in the North, published by Gestalten, takes you on a breath-taking bike ride to the Arctic landscapes. Created in collaboration with mountain biker Tobias Woggon, the book offers both practical instructions and stunning photographs and stories from bicycle journeys in Greenland, Faroe Islands and the Nordic countries.

Ride through the fairytale-like snowy plains of the Nordic lands, where signs of civilization appear vanished. This journey combines radical touring, camping, and cooking the best of what local nature has to offer. By taking on some of the most treasured biking trails and terrains across the Nordic landscape, this book is a seated journey of discovery and escapism across a vast scenery set to inspire your next trip.

Nordic Cycle is an exploration of regions, people, and food on a mountain bike, with stunning photography and aerial shots. Discover illustrated maps and routes, follow the path of Tobias Woggon in his adventure and learn over 16 recipes with step-by-step instructions, paying homage to the local cuisine across the Nordics.

Author: Gestalten & Tobias

English Publication. 2020 Edition First. Binding Hardback Pages196. Size26 x 21 x 2,5cm

Mountain bike traveler, always searching for my next big adventure and the perfect trail My trusty companion: my GHOST Bike. My bike accompanies me on all my travels around the globe and is the perfect travel partner: Doesn’t complain, easy to store even in the darkest corner and relatively frugal. And the best part about it: It communicates with people in its own special way and has made me many friends on our travels.


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