Knit Coat Stand


Brand : Hay

Designer : Jin Kuramoto


Designed by Japanese Jin Kuramoto, Knit is a simple and iconic coat rack with a distinctive sculptural design. Comprising three powder lacquered steel pipes that are interconnected in a three-dimensional way, the pipes are securely ‘knitted’ together to support each other and create the strength of the body. Inspired by the tactile experience of touching materials and the experimental processes of bending and knitting ropes and metal rods, Knit was developed as an extension of HAY’s wardrobe and garment hanging options.

Comes as  flat-packed design that is easy to assemble. Featuring a high gloss finish that creates a lustrous effect, Knit can be used to add functionality and visual interest to hallways, bedrooms and other private or public areas.

Material: lacquered steel

Colours: Black-White- Grey and Toffee

Size: H161.50, w49.5 x d50.5cm

Jin Kuramoto is a Japanese designer who was born in 1976 on a small island in the countryside. He established JIN KURAMOTO STUDIO INC. in 2008 and designs a wide range of products including furniture, home appliances and everyday items. He values the process of repeated trial and error, touching materials, listening to their voice, prototyping in a studio full of inspiration, and making what he calls ‘positive accidents.’ His work has won numerous international awards, including the Red Dot Award ‘Best of the Best’, and the iF Product Design Award. 


HAY was founded in 2002. This marked the beginnings of the international ambition that HAY has pursued over the past decade: creating durable quality furniture at affordable prices to allow as many people as possible to enjoy excellent design. HAY looks back with pride at the age of Danish Modern, where quality, craftsmanship and humanistic design put Denmark on the global map, and they look with excitement to the future as they explore the current possibilities inherent in new technologies, new materials and new ways of living with furniture. At the heart of everything that HAY does is the notion that contemporary design should spring from a good idea, innovative technology and quality materials in combination with joyful, straightforward and uncomplicated aesthetics.