EM 77 Electric Kettle 1.5L


Brand : Stelton

Designer : Erik Magnussen


The EM 77 Comes with Ire/UK plug. Erik Magnussen’s iconic vacuum jug EM77 has adorned coffee tables worldwide for more than 40 years, and now a whole new member of the EM family is introduced: The EM77 electric kettle, which will add the same style to the home as the vacuum jug has done for decades. 

The cable less kettle can hold 1.5 L and is equipped with a removable limescale filter and dry boil safety switch. The base includes space for the cable. When the kettle is on the base, the base is completely hidden. This cleans up the look of the kitchen counter and just adds even more value to the piece.

Plastic, jug in stainless steel, with UK plug.
Dimensions: Ø: 13.3 cm, H: 25 cm
Heat-insulated, double-walled steel jug
Cleaning the jug:
Wipe the outside of the jug with water and detergent using a soft, damp cloth. Dry using a soft cloth or tea towel. Never use scouring powder or other cleaning agents with an abrasive effect, as this will scratch the surface.
Descaling the kettle:
The electric kettle must be descaled regularly and cleaned from limescale sediment.


Stelton is a Danish design company with strong roots in the Scandinavian design tradition. Characterised by a minimalist design style and high quality products with outstanding functionality, Stelton has managed to capture the hearts of consumers since the late 1960s. With iconic, award-winning designs like the Cylinda-line by Arne Jacobsen (1967) and the Em77 Vacuum jug by Erik Magnussen (1977), Stelton is founded on design classics. Today, more than 10 million EM77 vacuum jugs have been sold worldwide—proving original design never goes out of fashion. Together with talented designers Stelton seeks to inspire design lovers. With a passion for innovation and outstanding design, they collaborate closely with designers to create future design classics and icons.