C Carpet


Brand : Asplund

Designer : Anya Sebton and Eva Lilja Löwenhielm


The technique of the C Carpet is extra time consuming and requires exceptionally skilled craftsmen. The base of this carpet is a hand woven Dhurrie in 100% wool
(New Zealand and fine Indian wool mix) where a pattern/pile is knotted onto the base by hand.

The wool used in this carpet is a natural wool and gives the weave a melange look. The edges have a contrasting colour for that special touch.

The pattern in the C Carpet is very subtle, yet interesting. It is actually the Dhurrie weave (base) that forms the pattern, which makes this carpet unique.

Choice of 4 Colours: Nat Rye, Nat White, Nat Dark grey, Nat Grey, all with contrasting edges.


Asplund is a Swedish design company who sees furniture as objects of art. Asplund was founded in 1990 by Michael Asplund, originally an art dealer, and his brother Thomas Asplund, a former banker. Their contrasting backgrounds brought fresh attitude and ideas to the Swedish design scene. Besides design and production, the brothers run the Stockholm-based Asplund Gallery, which has become a lively arena for contemporary Swedish design. Besides Swedish designers, Asplund has collaborated with various international designers including Tom Dixon, Jasper Morrison and Marc Newson. Despite its innovative and international approach, Asplund also believes in traditions and the quality of local production; the majority of its collections are still manufactured in Sweden. This brand has collaborated with: Claesson Koivisto RuneThomas SandellBroberg & RidderstråleJonas BohlinThomas ErikssonAnya SebtonEva Lilja Löwenhielm