Bottle Grinder set of 2


Brand : Menu

Designer : Norm Architects

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2 pack, small ceramic, plastic and wood grinder. Powerful and super easy to operate. Open grinder, fill it with your chosen ingredients and close. Use for salt pepper or experiment, and fill with small nuts, pumkin seeds, spices, dried blueberries, or even some walnuts. The grinder handles them all without leaving any grain on the table.

Colour: Nude Colour, with walnut lid.

You can adjust coarseness, by turning knob on top. H20 x 7cm

Care instructions: Clean the grinders with a soft sponge using lukewarm water mixed with soap flakes. Before refilling the grinders, wipe them with a clean damp cloth and make sure they are thoroughly dried off.

Christmas Gift


Norm - architects Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen & Kasper Rønn, are deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition - which they honour and refine. According to Jonas & Kasper good design meets real needs and satisfies all senses: A classic, recognisable shape with a new, original twist that calls for attention. A surprising, little detail, or a new material enticing you to touch the product, smell it, enjoy the sound when you put it on the table. Norm brings function and beauty together, always adding that little extra in pursuit of timelessness and soul...


Menu’s philosophy is simple. Menu wants to make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to. Collaborating with super-talented designers, they make objects to be treasured now… and forever. They work with some of the most exciting and driven creative individuals from the worlds of architecture and design to produce high quality design with a crisp Scandinavian look.