AWA-Candleholder and Flower Vase Brass


AWA is a reversible Flower Vase and Candle holder that appears to be hovering in the air. Its perforated circular plate is reminiscent of a water pond with bubbles or perhaps water lilies.

The flowers or the flames are reflected by the main body, giving an optical illusion of depth. 

 Made of brass.

Size: H:75 mm Ø:200 mm

Product Care: Awa Brass is lacquered and should not be cleaned with any polish. Make sure that neither Awa nor the surface is damp, as the metal may cause stains. Not dishwasher proof. 

Kutarq studio designs lighting, furniture and spaces with a unique and pragmatic perspective. Each project involves a methodical process that emphasises both material and research. With simple and clean forms, their work transforms common materials into expressive, emotional and timeless pieces.


Klong is a sound, a clang. Klong is also a trademark that values timelessness, that wants to surprise and give unexpected experiences. Let Klong be a statement in the room. Klong develops products where the combination of functionality materials and shape make something worthy of caring for, something lasting. Every piece is a product to be enjoyed for years to come by its owner. The intention of Klong is to produce products that respectfully take the human being and nature in consideration. Klong puts great importance to work with designers who dare to create their own expressions without following trends. Klong finds its inspiration in many different cultures although most of the designers come from Sweden.