Hurricane Brass 60cm
By Bjorn Winblad


Product Code: Hurricane Brass


This elegant Hurricane candlestick.  H60cm 3 sizes

The bracket is coated with brass and will stand beautifully in any home. The clear glass of the uniquely decorated brass simply becomes more beautiful when the candle is lit and lit. The Hurricane candlestick stands both beautifully alone or together with the two smaller versions measuring 40 cm and 50 cm. For example, decorate the covered dinner table with candlesticks at different heights, or create a cozy and imaginative corner of the home with the beautiful candlesticks. 

The Hurricane Candlestick is a unique gift idea for all those who love Bjørn Wiinblad's distinctive design. Colour: Brass.

Material:Glass tube in heat cured borosilicate with glass holder in brass colored Zinc Alloy. 

Please Note: Clean with a dry cloth. Rinse off the candle in warm water and wipe the candle with a soft cloth. Does not withstand polish or sharp objects.

The Hurricane Candlestick, by Bjørn Wiinblad, danish painter, designer and artist. ( 1918-2006). Museums the world over have Wiinblad's work in their collections. Among these are the Victoria and Albert Museum in London; the Museum of Modern Art in New York; and Stockholm's National Museum

His large ceramics and tapestries have been used for hotel decorations in Japan and the United States.