Hackney Sofa 3 seater
By Hay


Product Code: Hackney Sofa


An elegant sofa system specifically designed for comfort, ease of transportation and appropriateness of scale. It has a fully upholstered frame. It has a slim arm, deep seat and a single section cushion large enough to sleep on. It is made from a wooden frame, down, polyurethane foam and a spring system. A modest and technically accomplished design that attends to the difficulties of environments with restricted access. Delivered fully assembled.

Measurements: L: 96 x W: 254 x H: 44/75 cm. Materials: Wood frame, polyurethane foam. Mattress and cushions: 70% foam and 30% down.

Price starts in Remix or Linara €3135.00. IN VELVET ICE Colours: €3725.00




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