String Workstation 120cm
By Nils Strinning

€1,645.00 €1,398.25

Product Code: String Desk


Electronically height adjustable table offers comfort and ergonomics to your workstation by enabling standing up while working. The table has a cable tray where all the wires can be neatly stored.

Architect Anna von Schewen and industrial designer Björn Dahlström designed a whole new serie of products using the String System as a base. The series is called String Works. String Works is a series of furniture, for a flexible and contemporary work environment.

String Works -items can be used both at workplace and at home. 

Colours: Table top material: Oak- Ash-Light Grey-White

Base material: White Painted metal 

Size: W120 cm D:78 cm Height:71,5 - 118,5 cm. Also in size 140 and 160cm

Maximum load capacity: 60 kg evenly spread. 

Notes: Equipped with an editable memory.

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€1,645.00 €1,398.25