Varjo Rug 200 x 300cm
By Tina Ratzer


Product Code: Varjo rug 200 x 300cm


TINA RATZER ON THE DESIGN “The idea was to create a geometric rug with multiple layers and dimensions. I wanted to give the first layer an easy understandable language and balanced color scheme. When you go one layer deeper a dynamic herringbone pattern arises and brings a new dimension and a surprising twist to the rug. Varjo is Finnish for shadow, which translates to the shadow effects that are created between the layers, as the darkest color block almost rises above the others, creating a three-dimensional expression.” MATERIAL 100% New Zealand wool 

COLOR OPTIONS: blue, dark grey, taupe and dark green.

DIMENSIONS 200 x 300 cm and 170 x 240 cm. Underlay option €79.00

Notes: Please note, handwoven rugs may vary in size. 

Care instructions: For regular cleaning, vacuum the rugs. Clean stains instantly with sparkling water.

The rugs should be turned every 6 months for maintenance purposes.

Available Options

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