Horizon Rug-Tapestries
By Mattias Stenberg


Product Code: Horizon


Horizon Rug-Tapestry, comes in 3 designs-Field-Midnight-Ice. FIELD was Voted by ELLE Decor in Sweden, best rug 2016.

Available in 2 sizes 160 x 160cm and 240 x 160cm, plus customer size.

A Handtufted carpet with a beautiful landscape, in a special blend of woolsilk, with a shadow effect  in relief. For the floor or hung on the wall. Material: Blend of woolsilk handtufted. Two standard sizes also 160 x 160cm, but also in customer sizes on request.

HAND Tufted rugs should not be confused with machine tufted rugs. Hand tufting is a traditional method, which requires a high level of craftsmanship. These rugs are entirely MADE BY HAND. The yarn is hand dyed, the rug is tufted by hand and finally sheared, using hand held scissors. NO electricity is used. The hand tufted rugs comes in 2 qualities. The Horizon is Woolsilk quality, made of 50% wool and 50% viscose. The rugs weigh 3-4.5kg per m2. 

A new carpet series where we see a new kind of product. A carpet made as well for the wall, as for the floor. ”A textile piece of art or creator of ambiance for a contract environment, as well as the private market” says Mattias Stenberg. ”I have been inspired by my grandfather who sat and starred at the same horizon his whole life. When younger I thought: How boring. But now I also have a view that gives me peace and pleasure. Many of us have ”our own” horizon that we stop and meditate by, over the seasons, an ocean, a lake or a meadow.”


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