Carpet on Carpet Rug
By Jonas Bohlin


Product Code: Carpet on Carpet


Hand tufted rugs should not be confused with machine-made tufted rugs. Hand tufting is a traditional method, which requires a high level of craftsmanship. Our rugs are entirely made by hand: the yarn is hand dyed, tufted by hand with a small mechanical tool and finally sheared, using hand held scissors. No electricity is used. Our hand tufted rugs comes in two qualities: 100% New Zealand wool and WOOLSILK 50/50. 

100% WOOL is our standard quality and has a pile height of 1,5-2 cm. The weight is approx. 3-3,5 kg/m2. The WOOLSILK 50/50 is made of 50% wool and 50% viscose and has a pile height of 2-2,5 cm. The rugs weigh approx. 3,5-4 kg/m2. This carpet has a beautiful lustre thanks to the special wool mix.

Standard Size: 240 x 160cm, plus customer size also available.

Available Colour Options:

Option 1: Dark Blue (06) Base. White (01) Pattern.

Option 2: White (01) Base. Dark Blue (06) Pattern. 

Option 3: Grey Anthracite (04) Base. White (01) Pattern.