Levante ø 60 cm


Levante is a strong-impact chandelier. It consists of an intersection of three large fans, in an unusual material for the design sector – it comes instead from the food industry, looking like rice paper and able to evenly diffuse its light around the whole area. The fans are very fine and magnetically attached to the central section which holds the bulb, hidden away like a real and beating heart.

Dimensions: ø60 cm, H72, Cable length MAX 500cm, Min 100cm, Ceiling Rose, ø15.5cm , H6cm. Bulb Included LED 25w 2700k CRI 90

Dimmable Push/DALI Structure OR Dimmable Phase Cut Structure

ALSO Available in ø90 cm

“The very first inspiration in this project came from Japanese paper fans, I liked the interaction between the fan and the air and I started to imagine these “lighting fans” floating in a room. Then I tried to give some volume to these fans to find the right way to lighting them. I took the inspiration from some plants (…) The petal of this plant has a particular architecture, it starts “bold” and it becomes very thin on the edge. Using the same approach in the lamp, we have a bold heart that radiate the light in the three petals.”

Marco Spatti is a product designer living and working in Milan. His approach always underlines objects functionality and usability. Each of his projects is the result of a careful investigation on past, present and future of design. Innovation is his primary goal and he achieves it through the reinterpretation of classic styles and an unprecedented use of materials and production technologies.


Aesthetic and technological research, design culture, experimentation and innovation, a creative spirit never separated from functional quality and efficiency. This is the system of values that shapes the identity of Luceplan since its founding in 1978. A long series of honours, from Italy and abroad, bear witness to the innovative force and excellence of a design brand that avoids any formalism, focusing on offering technologically evolved lighting fixtures for flexible use.

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