Masters Stool High
By Philippe Starck

€355.00 €301.75

Product Code: Masters Stool High


The Masters stool works well indoor and outdoor. Colors-White-Grey-Sage-Rust-Black.

Sizes: h109, sh75, d50cm also Low- h99, sh65cm

Now The Masters Stool with legs lengthened and seat shrunk.  The frame is a powerful tribute to the three symbolic chairs, Series 7- Eiffel Chair- Tulip Chair. The Series interweave their unmistakable silhouettes into a sinuous hybrid giving life to a fusion of original and engaging styles. On its four slim legs, the Masters chair is roomy and comfy. The special finish on the chair makes it feel sensual and velvety to the touch. The back of the chair is naturally its most distinctive feature, characterised by the fullness and empty spaces created by the curvaceous criss-crossing lines of three different backs which descend to meet at the seat edge. 


€355.00 €301.75