Booster BBQ Grill 100
By Broberg & Ridderstrale


Product Code: Booster BBQ Grill 100

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The Röshults Booster BBQ Grill is a brand new charcoal barbecue powered by infrasound. Infrasound, also known as low frequency sound, cannot be heard by human beings. Yet it is very powerful. With infrasound technology, we achieve a faster ignition than ever before. The sound waves pushes the molecules throughout each brick of charcoal to move faster, making the glow grow stronger and the heat rise. All within seconds.

A- Instead of 20-30 minutes the grill is heated up within 5-7 minutes
B-You can regulate the intensity of the glow bed and grilling temperature between 150°c to 350°c
C-Takes away flames from the glow bed when fat drips onto the charcoal
D-Complete combustion allows minimum smoke
E- Consumption of charcoal is about one third of a normal charcoal grill

MATERIALS & FINISHES:  Anthracite stainless steel and Brushed stainless steel. 

DIMENSIONS: W98 x D50 x H90 cm 100kg.

Option- Leather handles set €180.00, Luxury Cover €595.00 Stainless steel teak lid 43.5 x 43.5, h13.1cm  €488.00