PH 5 Pendant Lamp
By Poul Henningsen

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Product Code: PH 5 Pendant


This is the most popular of all Poul Henningsen lamps. The 5 in its name refers to its 50 cm diameter. Designed in 1958, it is intended to hang low above tables and gives a glare free light. The PH 5 consists of three shades and a cone mounted on three legs. 
The PH 50 is a modern high gloss version of the PH 5, introduced on the 50th anniversary of the PH 5. The PH 50 is wet-painted in a high-lustre surface. In the PH 50 the legs are painted in aluminium colour. The PH 50 have a warm red antiglare disc to ensure a warm tone of light while all other inner-sides are white to make effective light.

5 colours available: Classic White/Purple, /White/Pale Rose, Dark Grey/Turquoise, Pale Rose/Green and Army/Dark Grey and White Modern/Rose

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€765.00 €688.50