Framed table lamp
By Francois-xavier Ballery


Product Code: Framed


More and more people hang pictures up with a lamp above or underneath it, to draw attention to whatever picture it is they are framing. With the Frame table lamp, however, you can create a frame of light around anything that you want to draw the eye to, be that an image or not. It is a rectangular-shaped lamp on a foot stand, finished in matte white. It can serve as an unusual table lamp, but many people also choose to use it as a nightlight in their bedroom. One of the things that makes this lamp so unusual is how thin it actually is. This means it also doesn’t take up much space. A true pride of place piece in any home. Luminious window which offers a soft and indirect lighting. Table lamp in Alu Matt White.

H39, 23 x 13cm. Touch switch with 4 preset levels. Energy consumption 11watts. Luminious Flux of 900 lumen guaranteed. 

Lifetime > 50000 hrs.

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