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Mon - Fri : 11 - 5pm.   Late open Wednesday until 8pm from 22nd May.

For earlier times, you can book by appt.

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PLEASE NOTE: WE will be closed Bank Holiday weekend Sat/Sun/Mon and weekend 11/12th, due to RHA preparing for annual exhibition.

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Welcome to INREDA’s Wedding and Gift List Service.We take great  pride in the quality of the products we sell and we are sure you will be able to create a great list.

In order to create your list, please do contact us to make an appointment at our store, or email us and we will take you through the steps required.
We will keep a record in store and online of what your guests have bought.

We do wish you well with whatever the occasion.
You will find a great deal of inspiration from all the sections on our site and also in store

ContactFor Wedding and Gift Services please contact. Frank or Maxi.