ABC-TV unit


Product Code: ABC-TV Unit


Quadrant is a very elegant and completely timeless design system. Quadrant is assembled with patented aluminum fittings which give the system a unique character. The fittings give the shelves their elegant look, as there will never be any double sides, no matter how the system is built. The fittings also entail that it is easy to extend and rebuild the shelving system. You can choose one of the three depths for your shelves, but you can also combine the depths in one shelving system. All floor modules are made so they are equally presentable from the back as from the front. Shelves and back panels are accessories and they provide a unique possibility of combining the modules in color and veneer, and in that way create a personal look and function. The simple, stylish design and the minimalist expression of Quadrant makes the shelving system suitable for all rooms of the house.»