Triangle Leg Table
By Simon Jones


Product Code: Triangle Leg Table




22 mm SOLID OAK tabletop in different finishes. Frame in SOLID wood with 4 legs legs featuring non-visible integrated screw-in adjustable feet that can be extended up to 12 mm to level the table on uneven surfaces.

Crafted in SOLID Oak with an OILED, SOAPED or CLEAR lacquer finish, this versatile series is suitable for a wide range of private and public dining or office environments.

Comes in 3 Sizes:115cm in diameter, h74cm and 200 x 85, h74cm and 250 x 85, h74cm

Motivated by the desire to create more space around a circular table, Simon Jones designed the Triangle leg table and bench series. The rectangular ends of the tabletop and bench have been rounded, creating a sociable setting that maximises seating numbers around the table yet keeping the shape compact. The triangular leg section creates the illusion of lightness and provides optimal compatibility with both square- and roundlegged chairs. 

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