String Shelves 58 x 20cm, pack of 3
By Nils Strinning


Product Code: String shelves 58 x 20cm


String System is a shelf system designed by the Swedish architect Nils Strinning. String System is composed by different elements that can be combined and allow you to create the perfect shelf system to match your demands. Like the other shelf systems from String, also String System has the characteristic side panels reminding of ladders and shelves, but is available not only with wall panels but also with floor ladders. Moreover String System has many other elements that can be combined with, such as cabinets with sliding doors, drawers, magazine shelves and work desks. With String System you can mix and match and create the combination you like. First designed back in 1949. shelves come in pack of 3. Size: 58 x 20cm.

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