String Bowl Shelf
By Bjorn Dahlstrom


Product Code: String Bowl Shelf


The white String bowl shelf can be added to the String System unit. The bowl shelf is divided into 3 compartments. It is suitable for storing and sorting all the small items that you might have laying around the household. It is made from ABS plastic and can also be used as a flower pot for plants. A metallic frame supports the shelf. The shelf is 78 cm wide and the depth is 30 cm.

How can one improve something that is already quite close to perfect? That was the question Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström had in mind when they were asked to design new parts to the iconic String System. The result is called String+, a new series of system components that are totally new and pay homage to the original String concept.

Size: 30 cm x 78 cm. Material: ABS-plastic