Plinth Marble Low coffee table-White-DELIVERY INCLUDED
By Normal Studio

€2,099.00 €1,395.00

Product Code: Plinth coffee table


ONE table in white, available. Due to weight. Price includes delivery in Dublin, outside Dublin we can quote delivery charge. Item is very heavy, table put insitu or outside.

THe Plinth series is available in 3 sizes and 3 finishes. 

(Brown Grey Kendzo Marble from Middle East-White Carrera Marble from Italy-Black Marquina marble from North of Spain)

The low rectangle version is ideal as a monumental coffee table. The Cube makes a perfect bedside table or side table.The third piece is a podium to display-artbooks-sculpture-plants-lamp etc.

SIZES: Cubic: 40 x 40 x 40cm. Tall: h51, 30 x 30cm, LOW: h27, 60 x 100cm


A favoured medium of the Greeks and Romans in both architecture and art, marble has come to symbolise elegance and sophistication. The Plinth builds upon and subtly subverts that essence, using marble instead as a means to showcase other items as well as standing as a sculptural item on its own. The Plinth is the result of what’s been cut away, revealing a core of quality and beauty. 

No piece of marble is alike; that’s because the detailing of each naturally-occurring rock is created over time by nature, rendered in limestone or dolomite. The dashes of colour you see are calledveins, and they are most often made of silt, sand, clay, iron oxides, or chert grains found within the original stone. While they may be called impurities in production jargon, it’s these splashes of colour and texture that make marble so special. 


€2,099.00 €1,395.00