Lune 2 seat sofa
By Jamie Hayon


Product Code: Lune 2 seat


Size: 155 x 93.50, h79cm. LuneTM is the very essence of a warm and cosy setting, with a dash of exclusivity and urbanity to it. LuneTM combines the renowned Republic of Fritz HansenTM quality with a functional modular system. The result is a playful design where designer Jaime Hayon's curvy characteristics are elevated to an extremely comfortable and beautifully looking sofa from every angle - for a party of two as well as ten. From a straight two or three seater to bigger L-shapes and chaise lounge options.  Comes in a choice of fabrics, but also a Designer selection from the ROMO/Linara range in 6 colours. (Blueberry-Eucalyptus-Gingersnap-Grey Mist-Indigo and Lead. Price quoted in designer selection. In order to provide the best seating feeling, the cushions are made of four layers of materials: A layer of support webbing at the bottom, the cushion foam in the middle and a layer of feathers made of duck and goose on top of it, all covered by the upholstered fabric.

When seated, one feels the comfort and softness of the material instantly, as the cushions shape with the body seated on it. This characteristic of comfort will cause the cushions to remain shaped when getting up from the sofa - with a quick tap or two, the sofa will return to its original expression.