Fiber Swivel Chair Leather
By Iskos Berlin


Product Code: Fiber Chair Leather


The Fiber chair has been designed to balance maximum comfort with minimum space. The chair has been produced from an innovative bio-composite material that includes 25% wood fibres. From a distance, the shell appears to be normal smooth plastic, however, when viewed up close the tiny pieces of the wooden fibres become apparent, giving the chair a whole new character.

With the addition of four different bases, Fiber has flourished into a fully-fledged family of 41 chairs, confident of finding the ideal style to suit the individual home, office or other public setting. Leather in silk cognac or silk black. Total height: 76,5 cm
Total width: 51 cm-Total depth: 58 cm
Armrest height: 68 cm-Armrest depth: 27 cm
Seat height: 46 cm-Seat depth: 40 cm-Seat width: 42 cm

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