Bridge Sofa and Section sofa
By Jens Juul Eilersen


Product Code: Bridge Sofa and Section sofa

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Price quoted on 220 x 96cm, plus 4 back cushions as seen.

In photo is 2 sections 140 + 140cm. See PDF for full details. Fabric Napoleon, Cat 4.

Exceptional modularity is one of the defining characteristics of Jens Juul Eilersen sofas.
Bridge is no exception. Variety reaches new heights, whilst at the same time setting a classic
tone with its tight lines, thin seat cushion and concealed seat gradient.

"Classic, tight lines create a sense of rest. It's pleasing to look at and creates a lasting impression, that never goes out of style. Bridge has inherited all the proud qualities of the traditional floater sofa, along with discrete, classic flair to keep it modern. One special feature is that the sofa can easily glide across the floor on its low-profile, 2 cm legs. This presented both a design challenge and the inspiration for the name Bridge. A sofa without legs is subject to kicks and marks from shoes. So I designed a recess to take the lower edge out of the danger zone of kicks and bumps. It was this very recess that made the sofa resemble a bridge", explains Eilersen.