Base table Office
By Mika Tolvanen

€1,600.00 €1,440.00

Product Code: Base Table Office


Sizes: 128 x 128cm, 250 x 110cm, 300 x 110cm, 440 x 110 cm, h73cm. See also the home version.

Price quoted on 250 x 110cm White/white laminate/plywood. Other colours and options available, Also available Base table Office.

Table top in Laminate, linoleum or oak veneer, and plywood edges. Table Base in acrylic painted extruded aluminium. Home and the office.

Size: 140 x 70, h73cm, 160 x 80cm, 190 x 85, h73cm, 250 x 90, h73cm, 90 and 110cm in diameter h73cm and 128cm in doameter

Finishes: Laminate and ABS edges, Linoleum, Laminate, Oak veneer, with Plywood edges, 


€1,600.00 €1,440.00