ABC- Pure white
By K.Haapaniemi & H. Orvala


Product Code: ABC- Pure white


ABC modular storage units are from Denmark. The units come in any height or length. There are 3 different depths-23-33-42cm. On wheels it only comes in 42cm depth. The units can be put on the wall- on legs- on a plinth- as a room divider-3 depths. Colors- Anthracite-Black-Grey-Maple-Oak-Off white-Pure white Quadrant is a very elegant and completely timeless design system. Quadrant is assembled with patented aluminum fittings which give the system a unique character. Quadrant also comes with doors, drawers, lighting and CD drawers. Shelves and back panels are accessories and they provide a unique possibility of combining the modules in color and veneer, and in that way create a personal look and function. Price Excludes Delivery and Assembly. Please contact us for a quote or you can do your OWN DRAWING on

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