DIM Vases-Candleholders


Product Code: DIM


Inspired by the beauty of glass, Boom decided to design a second glassware collection. Just as for our first glass series Host, we trust on the skills of the experienced glassblowers. DIM  is a series of high quality mouth blown glass vases in body-tinted smoke grey. As we can’t get enough of the elegance of a vase, there is a diverse series of three differently sized and textured vases. The small, medium or large vases can hold a freshly picked bouquet of flowers or a cosy candle as well. If you are fond of a robust design, the DIM Scale vase is the one to choose. The glass beauties are low-maintenance and dishwasher proof, guaranteeing a homogeneous colour.

Just mix and match and see what comes up!

Available in 2 structures and 3 sizes. h16-h24 and h30cm

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