Block candle
By vita stearnin


Product Code: Block candle


Burn time 138 hours. Advantages with white 100% stearin: The candles will not be crooked due to its high melting point. It is an environmental product, a renewable raw material. Any spillage of light (eg on a cloth) disappears after washing at 60 degrees Light from 100% stearin, the soot is significantly less than other candles since it does not contain paraffin (ie oil). White genuine stearin candles have long burning and burn with a great and pure flame. The wick is the right proportion for each candle size, so the candle burns right through. When lighting the candle tip the wick, it will last longer and when extinguishing put out with fingers. A living tradition. Nothing creates an equally inviting atmostphere like a candlelight. It exudes celebration and joy. but also a sense of prayerful anticipation. Candle is made ​​of 100% candle wax and has a Royal Warrant in Sweden. H500 x 68mm