By Iikka Suppanen


Product Code: Fireplace


The fireplace encases an ethanol-fueled fire for a stunning effect of wilderness in the home. Making use of a play on light, the warm flicker of the flame emanates from the elegant steel body and is sandwiched between the fire-resistant glass, which provides safety as well as beauty. Measuring 43cm x 18cm x 38 cm, the slim fireplace sits snugly in even the smallest spaces. The ethanol based fireplace also bears the upper hand of being environmentally friendly as it is a particulate-free burning fuel and is a renewable source of energy. The warm and soothing Iittala fireplace is the perfect place to rest in front. Only methylated (denatured) spirits (available from most hardware stores) or bio-ethanol may be used as fuel in the fireplace. By taming wild flames and bringing it indoors, Fireplace is a modern take on an open fire. Where metal meets fire-resistant glass, the light creates a setting for stories old and new to be enjoyed on your own or with loved ones.